Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rove: Romney made "mistake" in Ohio

On Fox News last night, Karl Rove weighed in on Mitt Romney's reversal on Ohio's collective bargaining issue.

"I think he made a mistake yesterday by saying 'Oh, it's not up to me'. I think it was smart of him to recognize how problematic that was.

.... Who didn't think about this issue when they knew they were going to Ohio and going to a phone bank where they were calling people on behalf of proposition five?

This happens in a campaign, but it's problematic, because it adds to the narrative that he is not strong. The good news is, so far, he's stronger than the rest of the pack."

Rove also said it wasn't a flip-flop, but a damaging moment of looking "squishy" and "tepid".

Btw, being "squishy" is another flaw in the Romney narrative, and it isn't totally separate from the flip-flop charges. When he flips, it often seems to be out of political convenience, which can be a form of squishiness (i.e. not saying what you really believe when it's politically damaging).

But it's true that, in this case, he didn't explicitly condemn Republicans' Ohio effort, so when he praised them a day later, it wasn't really a flip-flop.

The controversy erupted when Romney visited the state earlier this week and refused to comment on Ohio's unpopular, collective bargaining measure; then decided to support it "110%" after significant conservative anger.