Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Adviser: Palin will make an endorsement

Gabriel Sherman reports.

A Palin adviser told me that she is planning to make an endorsement for a candidate in 2012.

Palin, being Palin, is keeping it tightly held.

"I have an idea of who it is," the adviser said, "but I'm not telling."

Until a few weeks ago, it seemed like it could be Herman Cain, but with his recent string of gaffes, Palin probably knows there'd be a slew of articles, stressing her and Cain's penchant for political celebrity and policy weakness.

My theory is that she'll back Newt. He's had good things to say about her these past three years, and we all know that that goes a long way with Palin.

Rick Perry is looking less and less like the non-Romney, and Palin would love to play an important role in the nomination process.

Backing Newt would do just that. It could send even more tea party voters into Newt's camp to block Romney, and she'd -- once again -- be a vital part of the conversation.