Monday, November 21, 2011

Huckabee continues warming to Romney

Mike Huckabee, talking with WABC about tea party angst over Mitt Romney.

"Mitt Romney may not be their first choice, but Mitt Romney every day of the week and twice on Sunday is going to be a much more effective president for issues that they care about than Barack Obama.

.... If it’s Mitt Romney, then I think Republicans and conservatives and the tea party need to get behind him and say, ‘You may not be our first choice, but between you and Obama, I’ll vote forty times to get you elected'."

That's another sign that there's been a definite thaw in Huck and Romney's relationship since Mitt appeared on Huck's show in September.

After the show, Huck defended Romney's flip on abortion by invoking Ronald Reagan's own conversion later in life.

"Mitt Romney himself will point out that Ronald Reagan was pro-choice at one point in his life and then became pro-life, as did George H.W. Bush.

So it's not uncommon for people to change a position."

That's as generous a comparison as possible for one Republican to make to another.

Romney and Huckabee feuded in the 2008 race, and Huck (much more so than Romney) kept it alive following the election.

But their chat on Huck's show seems to have made a difference.

Here's an idea for you -- what if Huck endorsed Romney just before the Iowa caucuses, giving Mitt the key push over the top?