Friday, November 4, 2011

Huckabee defends Romney on abortion

Mike Huckabee was on Fox News today, where he talked about Mitt Romney's position on abortion, as well as the DNC's new attack ad, linking Mitt to an anti-abortion measure in Mississippi.


"Mitt Romney himself will point out that Ronald Reagan was pro-choice at one point in his life and then became pro-life, as did George H.W. Bush.

So it's not uncommon for people to change a position. It's problematic for Romney, he's always going to have to explain not just what position he takes but why he moved in that direction, but there's flattery here for Mitt Romney.

He can take comfort. We're getting near deer season all over the country. Guess what? You never shoot at the deer that's dead.

The fact that the DNC has targeted Mitt Romney indicates that they are really concerned that he is beating Barack Obama in polls."

Two comments.

1. The Mississippi measure in question, Initiative 26, would define life as beginning at conception and, theoretically, abortion as the destruction of life.

The DNC put out an ad, noting both Romney and Huck's support for it, which led to Huck's comments today.

2. There seems to be a distinct thawing in Huck and Romney's relationship -- especially since Romney showed up on Huck's show earlier this year.

Notice that Huck digs up Reagan to explain Romney's conversion. That's the most flattering excuse for a massive shift in position a Republican can make. Well, Reagan did it, too.

Then Huck goes out of his way to say that Romney has Obama where he wants him. That's not something he probably would've said even a year ago, when he was still slamming Romney at every turn.

Yes, Huck did acknowledge that Romney will always have to answer for his shift on abortion, but Huckabee seems to have had an evolution of his own -- he might be starting to like Mitt.