Thursday, November 3, 2011

Perry uses Obama's "alligators" joke

When talking about the border on Fox News last night, Rick Perry unwittingly used a line that Barack Obama used to talk about the same issue.

Even more ironic? Perry once mocked Obama for using the line.

Perry, on Hannity's show last night.

HANNITY: You don't need a fence, in your view?

PERRY: Oh, I think there's places that strategic fencing...

HANNITY: [interrupting] But not across the whole border?

PERRY: I think the idea of saying, "Listen, I'm gonna build a double fence, we're going to put alligators between it, and we're going to put lava in there, as well."

You know, one tries to outdo the other one. That's 2,000 miles. The idea of building a 2,000 mile fence costs a huge amount of money, takes a very long time.

In May, Obama mocked his opponents over immigration in El Paso, Texas.

"They'll want a higher fence. Maybe they'll need a moat. Maybe they want alligators in the moat. They'll never be satisfied.

But here's Perry in May, on the Laura Ingraham show, where he rips Obama's joke about moats and alligators.

INGRAHAM: You heard the president describe attitudes about the need to enforce our borders and Republicans, specifically, about equating this with building a moat.

[Obama said] "What do they want, a moat?"

.... What was your reaction to that?

PERRY: You know, this is a president who is more interested in trying out for Saturday Night Live, it seems like. He wants to play to what he considers to be the humorous side.

.... Anyone who knows what's happening on the border of Texas and Mexico -- or for that matter, the southern border of the United States with Mexico -- realizes this is not comedy. There are people's lives in jeopardy every day.

Perry, last night.