Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ann Romney begins charm offensive

Yesterday, John Berman reported that Mitt Romney's campaign will start deploying his wife, Ann, more and more as part of a strategy to implicitly compare their idyllic relationship with Newt's stormy marital history.

On Fox & Friends today, Ann showed up and stepped things up.

A few highlights.

HOST STEVE DOOCY: You've known him for 40 years.

ANN: Married 42 years.

DOOCY: You met him in a high school chum's basement, and that first day he gave you a ride home?

[Ann explains how they met.]

DOOCY: How many times/week do you hear people say "They've got the perfect family"?


DOOCY: Obviously, you guys have had a love affair for forty years, since you met in your friend's basement a long, long time ago.


ANN: I don't think people know that side of him and how extraordinary he's been as a husband and as a father.

DOOCY: Well, that's a nice testimonial. Any husband would be lucky to get that from his wife.

Everyone knows just how strong the Romney Relationship is, but the new goal is to make you view it in the context of Gingrich's relationship(s).