Monday, December 5, 2011

Cuccinelli hits Mitt, Newt over forum

Virginia Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, asked both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich pointed questions (read Dave Weigel on that here) about various portions of their record at Mike Huckabee's presidential forum Saturday.

Today, on Fox News, Cuccinelli dished on what he thought of their answers.

On Gingrich's conservative credentials:

"He wasn't giving me the assurance I was looking for.

I mean, he holds himself out as a conservative, and he has elements -- as he pointed out -- that are conservative, but he has some elements of his record that are anything but conservative.

And so what I was pressing him hard for was -- give me some assurance, who's going to be your chief of staff, who's going to be your vice-president, who are going to be your cabinet members?

Give me some insurance that what's going to come out of your administration is going to be limited government ideas.

I mean, when he sat there during his eleven minutes and other segments, he talked about other ways the federal government can help in education which he said was local.

Well, which is it?

So I pressed hard there."

On Mitt Romney and his "disaster", RomneyCare.

"I thought the answer to my question about how he would deal with the president in a debate on the health care issue really made his program sound like ObamaCare lite.

.... One thing that Newt's got over Romney is that he admits some of his past mistakes. Not all of them, but he concedes that he's made mistakes, and the health care bill in MA -- while it might have been a useful experiment -- the results are in: it's a failure as measured on a liberty scale or an economic scale.

It's a disaster for them, and he should call it that, and move on."