Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gary Johnson endorses Ron Paul in Iowa

Earlier this week, Gary Johnson left the GOP to run for the libertarian party nomination, and today he threw his backing for Tuesday's GOP Iowa caucuses to Ron Paul.

"While Ron Paul and I are both libertarians, we don't necessarily agree on every single issue.

However, on the overriding issues of restoring our economy by cutting out-of-control spending and the need to get back to Constitutional principles in our government, Ron Paul and I are in lock-step."

....I am hopeful that in urging my supporters in Iowa to vote for Ron Paul in the coming caucuses, a victory for the principles we share can be won."

On the scale of endorsements, this one is neither surprising (Johnson endorsed Paul in 2008 and both are anti-war) nor particularly influential (Johnson struggled mightily in his bid to get traction with Republicans).