Friday, December 2, 2011

Mark Sanford weighs in on Herman Cain

On Fox News today, former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford weighed in on Herman Cain's affairs, saying that it's easier to survive a scandal when you're already in office than when you're campaigning.

The ironic exchange.

MEGYN KELLY: Our viewers are probably familiar, governor, with the fact that you found yourself the subject of intense media scrutiny when it emerged that you had a relationship outside your marriage when you were the governor of South Carolina.

Of course, Mr. Cain has been accused of doing the same thing right now -- amidst other allegations.

Do you think that Hermann Cain can recover from that.... do you think that if he chooses to stay in this race, and continues the denials that he can recover from that, and that he could potentially go on to become the GOP nominee.

SANFORD: Well, I mean, I take two cuts at the apple.

On the one side, you have to say: campaigns are very short-lived experiences. They're quick and stuff is always coming over the [unintelligible]

And in governance role, you can sit around and say 'You know, I think I will help the ideas that I believe in by staying in', but you've got some time.

In a campaign, you don't have that luxury of time. We've got less than a month, in essence, to Iowa.

If you remember, after his affair was revealed, Sanford stayed in office until he was termed out.