Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Romney blankets Iowa with surrogates

Mitt Romney has some of the most impressive surrogates in the campaign, and for Iowa -- even has some big regional ones.

In the week running up to the caucuses, Philip Rucker reports that Romney will unleash Chris Christie in Iowa (popular in any state), John Thune (whose Midwestern and social conservative appeal is clear), Norm Coleman (represented neighboring state), Jim Talent (represented a neighboring state), Jason Chaffetz (Utah congressman and tea party favorite) and of course Romney and his family itself.

Romney will speak in Davenport today; then kick off a three-day bus tour in the state.

Mitt is in a great position right now.

He can finish anywhere from 1st to 4th and be fine. Name another candidate who can do that, and I'll take and appropriate your Christmas weight from you.

I'll also give you the speed of Michael Vick, the accuracy of Aaron Rodgers, the size of Tim Tebow, and point you (not show you, but point you) in the direction to the Fountain of Youth.

Huntsman might be okay with getting two votes in Iowa, but he doesn't have the rest of the country to bail him out like Romney does.

This post was updated to reflect my incorrect designation of Jason Chaffetz.