Monday, December 12, 2011

Romney wants Gingrich to return Fannie, Freddie money

Mitt Romney, calling out Newt Gingrich this morning for his ties to Fannie and Freddie and calling on him to return all the money he got from them.

FOX HOST BRIAN KILMEADE: Do you believe he's a lobbyist and do you believe that since he took from Fannie and Freddie.... do you believe he should give that money back?

ROMNEY: Boy, I sure do.

He was on a debate saying that politicians who took money from Freddie and Fannie should go to jail; I mean, which is outrageous in itself.

But look, he says he was in a consulting business? That's very different than the consulting business other people have been in.

He was in the business of connecting folks with government. He was on K-Street. This was a connection with government kind of business.

He then said Newt's mansion would put Doris Kearns Goodwin's to shame.

"[Newt was] working for Freddie Mac, getting paid $1.6 million. By the way, a very different number than he said in the first debate. He said $300,000, and he was there as a historian. That would make him the highest paid historian in history."