Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trump leaning toward a candidate

Donald Trump, after Sean Hannity asked last night if he was leaning toward someone in the 2012 primary.

"Probably and possibly the answer is 'yes', but I don't sort of want to say that. I can change my mind."

Speaking of change, Trump said he didn't hold Newt or Romney's changes of mind on issues against them (probably because Trump has changed his mind plenty).

"One of the things they talk about -- Romney changed his mind or Newt changing. The fact is: you've gotta change your mind. People that don't change their mind -- they're relegated to the trash can."

Trump has said he'll make an endorsement after the debate he's moderating, which is a great way to...

a) Swat off criticism that he might play favorites.

and especially...

b) Heighten the stakes of the debate, thereby, maximizing drama.