Monday, December 19, 2011

WSJ's Moore hopes Jeb Bush runs

Stephen Moore, a Wall Street Journal editor, was on Fox News this morning to talk about Jeb Bush's editorial for the paper today.

"I think this was a very important piece we had in the Wall Street Journal today.

First, because it put Jeb Bush back in the spotlight, and boy, does the Republican party need somebody like that right now."

A bit later, Fox host Megyn Kelly asked Moore if Bush is "flying a trial balloon right now."

Moore responded:

"I hope so.

I mean, look, I'm one of these people who says 'Let's have some new entrants into this race'.

I mean, when you have these people running for president for so long, and nobody can get over 25%, I do think there's an appetite for somebody.

Jeb Bush is one of the kind of people who is so well-known around the country, Martha, that if he were to get into this race, he could win as a write-in candidate.

It's only four letters, right -- B.U.S.H.

So I think it's an important piece. I don't think he's likely to get into the race, but there are a lot of people talking about it."

Jeb has repeatedly denied interest in running in 2012, but might have to scuttle chatter one more time (not including the brokered convention).

You can read Jeb's piece here.