Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gingrich vows to take race into summer

The Hill's Niall Stanage reports on a defiant Newt.

Newt Gingrich predicted the battle for the Republican presidential nomination would continue until "June or July," then took a dig at rival Mitt Romney, adding "unless Romney drops out sooner."

He made his remarks at his first stop of the day — a polling place in Windermere, Fla.

.... As he was about to board his campaign bus, Gingrich was asked by one reporter what he would say to those people who felt his campaign was "over."

Gingrich wheeled around and asked whether these were the same people who had said his campaign was over last summer, when many of his staff deserted him, or after the Iowa caucuses, where he trailed in fourth. "They are about as accurate now as they were then," he said.