Friday, January 13, 2012

Huckabee pushes back against McCain, Thompson

On Fox News today, Mike Huckabee responded to John McCain and Fred Thompson's forceful denials of conspiring to keep Huck down in the 2008 race in South Carolina.

"Being called a liar by both John McCain and Fred Thompson, it's not good, but heck, I've been called worse by a lot of people, Megyn, so I'll certainly get over that.

Look, I said it as a compliment. I thought it was brilliant strategy. The fact is I heard that news from my campaign chairman, Ed Rollins, who heard it from three different sources inside the camp.

I'll tell you this -- I though it was a compliment in that it was a brilliant political move if they did it.

If they weren't smart enough to do it, then I apologize for giving them the benefit of being that smart, cause i thought it would've been a great move, and I certainly wasn't bitter about it, cause it was not illegal or unethical, it was just good political strategy.

If they didn't do it, they were doggone lucky."

The "compliment" part cracks me up.

Yesterday, John McCain came unhinged when he talked about the suggestion.

"That’s totally false . It’s totally patently false, and for him to say something like that, maybe it makes him feel better.... All I can say to Gov. Huckabee is good luck on your programming on Fox, but you’re not telling the truth.”