Monday, January 9, 2012

Newt's daughter defends Bain attack

On Fox News this morning, Jackie Cushman -- daughter of Newt Gingrich -- explained her Dad's decision to attack Mitt Romney over Bain Capital.

FOX host MARTHA MacCALLUM: As a Republican, as someone who's pro-free market and capitalism, is this a road you really want to go down?

CUSHMAN: I think it's a road the American people want to go down, eventually.

Later, MacCallum pressed her on it again.

MacCALLUM: Is this a road that deteriorates the Republican, conservative overall message in the end if your father doesn't end up being the nominee?

CUSHMAN: I think the process that we're going through -- the whole primary process -- the whole point is to figure out who is the best candidate to beat President Barack Obama.

I think that means you have to go through all of their activities.