Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Only Romney's are vultures?"

Laura Ingraham delivered a stinging question to Rick Perry during their interview today.

Here's the particularly bruising part, via her show.

INGRAHAM: You know I am going to raise the issue of Texans for Public Justice, their analysis of your campaign contributions.

Since 2000, you have received more than $7 million from private equity firms and private investment firms. Are any of those "vulture" firms?

PERRY: Listen, I didn't paint with a broad brush and say that every private equity firm out there is...

INGRAHAM: Only Romney's are vultures? None of your guys are vultures, only Romney's?

PERRY: Look, Romney is running for president.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, you are running for president too, and you have benefited from these firms.

Perry: Correct, and I don't have a problem with that.

Perry then tried to pivot, but Ingraham returned to the question. Perry again failed to answer the question....

Vid via Matt Lewis tweet.