Friday, January 20, 2012

Romney lowers expectations in South Carolina

Mitt Romney, claiming today that it's "exciting" that he's even running even with Newt Gingrich in South Carolina.

“Speaker Gingrich is from a neighboring state, well known, popular in this state," Romney said. "To be in a neck-and-neck race at this last moment is kind of exciting.

.... “I’m still hoping and planning to win here. I’m sure the speaker feels the same way do. But we’re going to go on for a long race and I think I’ve got the staying power and a message I believe connects with people.”

Meanwhile, in a separate report, it seems as though his strategist, Stuart Stevens, is backing Romney up, and treating the campaign as though it were Murray State making it to the Final Four.

"The very idea that we are sitting where we are two days before South Carolina, having won New Hampshire, having done very well in Iowa, and the question is 'Could Romney lose South Carolina,' is such an absurd question."

"The idea should be does he have a chance in South Carolina," Stevens claimed.