Monday, February 27, 2012

Christie open to Veep run

Chris Christie, after being asked yesterday on CBS about the prospect of being picked for Veep.

"What I'll say though to you is that if-- if Governor Romney were to come and talk to me about it, I would listen because I love my party enough and I love my country enough to listen.

But I-- I love being governor of New Jersey. And, if you're a betting man, Bob, and I know you are, if you're betting, bet me on me being the governor of New Jersey into next year.

Christie's aggressive surrogacy for Romney has indicated that he'd like to be picked as a running-mate, but until now, he's been much less publicly open to it.

Last fall, he flatly said:

"If the vice-presidency is offered to me, I will turn it down."

And probably the most common deflection has been some variation of this.

"Can you see me as somebody's vice president? I mean, who would be that poor guy?

You know, I just don't think that my personality is necessarily suited to being No. 2.”

With that context in mind, his comments yesterday are a significant softening.