Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flashback: Trump trashing Romney

One of the reasons why Donald Trump's imminent endorsement of Mitt Romney is such a surprise and has been viewed so cynically -- he's been sharply critical of Mitt in the past.

Here's one of his biggest slams that came during the height of the debt ceiling debate in August 2011.

"In all fairness to Romney, where's he been? He should have been out there saying, 'Hey, listen, I'm running, I'm leading, and I don't want this thing to come due after the election'.

I mean, what does that tell you about Romney? Romney has been missing in action. He hasn't done a damn thing."

Then he hit his record in Massachusetts.

"Well, the thing with Romney, I wasn't in love with the job he did in Massachusetts. He wasn't popular. He was a one-term governor. He didn't have high approval ratings. I don't like that. You know, I'd like a guy that's running for president to be the most popular guy you can have. The "Romney care" was obviously, you know, not a good situation.

And I hate what I'm seeing now, where -- he should have been in. He's a frontrunner. He should have been in there telling the Republicans to make sure this thing comes due before the election because anybody would win the election if that were the case."

Here he is talking about the Romney record:

As a bonus -- here's Trump claiming in December that Romney wanted his endorsement "very badly", which sounds like it might be true.