Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gingrich cancels meeting with Nevada governor

The Washington Post's Amy Gardner with the continuing fall-out from Newt's regularly scheduled implosion.

[Gingrich] abruptly canceled a meeting with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval after his campaign had arranged the photo opportunity at Sandoval's office in Carson City. Not even Gingrich's campaign advisers know why the campaign scheduler called it off, irking them and those in Sandoval's office who had helped set up the event.

.... “You're a Republican presidential candidate coming into a state with a Republican governor,” said one irritated Gingrich adviser who requested anonymity to speak freely. “It's common courtesy to meet him.”

Here's another difference between Newt and Romney.

I get the sense that Mitt wouldn't so much as cancel a visit to the dentist, but Newt snubs a key governor on the week of his state's caucuses.

Intrade, by the way, puts Romney at 98.5% chance of winning in Nevada.

[Hat tip: AllahPundit]