Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Newt liked Eastwood's ad

The Hill's Justin Sink reports:

Newt Gingrich said that he found inspiration in the controversial Chrysler Super Bowl ad that many Republicans have argued carried a political message in support of the Obama administration.

"While there's some controversy about it, I have to confess, I liked the Clint Eastwood halftime ad. I mean, I liked the tone of that ad, I like the idea that the world has counted us down before, we're just regrouping. I believe with your help in the primary, with your help in the general election, we can, in fact develop an approach that will put America back on the right track," Gingrich said during a campaign stop in Cleveland.

I wasn't monitoring Twitter when the ad aired and felt a bit like Grantaire upon seeing a love-struck Marius in Les Miserables -- totally "agog and aghast" at the cauldron of controversy it generated.

Both sides immediately claimed it for political gain, while the rest of us were -- again, I hate resorting to Grantaire so often (bad, longstanding habit) -- but "agog and aghast."

We just saw some inspirational pictures and heard that inimitable Eastwood voice. Also, briefly thought of old Dodge Caravans. That's it.