Friday, February 24, 2012

Palin asked about divorce in 2007 (UPDATED)

UPDATED: While it's not certain, it's possible that Palin could have sent the email as an ironic joke. Here's an aide's response to her email.

VERY funny.

Via the AP, in a new release of 34,820 pages worth of emails Sarah Palin wrote as governor, a couple fascinating things emerge.

First, she seemed to be contemplating divorce in 2007.

The emails indicate her job had taken a toll on her marriage long before she even became McCain's running mate.

In a Sept. 26, 2007, email to Kris Perry and her husband Todd, titled "Marital Problems," Palin writes: "So speaking of... If we, er, when we get a divorce, does that quell "conflict of interest" accusations about BP?" Her husband was a former BP employee on the North Slope.

She consciously changes "if" to "when" and already seems to have thought about the implications for her job.

Second, she wanted to quit her job as governor months before she actually did. That one actually isn't terribly surprising, considering that you don't just wake up one day and decide to quit.

Emails released Thursday, most from the last 10 months of her time in office, show she told her husband in April, "I can't take it anymore" and complained to spokeswoman Sharon Leighow and aide Kris Perry in March that she had been the target of "many frivolous suits and charges since the DAY I became VP candidate."

"I can't afford this job," she wrote.

She expressed anger at having to pay for her own defense, with a bill that at that point totaled more than $500,000, and said her husband had to go back to work on the North Slope to help deal with the growing costs.

"We've all had to pay for our OWN legal defense in this political bloodsport ' it's horrendous ' why do you think Todd is on the slope today?" Palin wrote. "I am paying to defend in my capacity as GOVERNOR ' actions taken in my official position. This is unheard of anywhere else."

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