Thursday, February 16, 2012

Romney: I won't lose Michigan

The Hill's Alicia Cohn reports on a confident native son:

Mitt Romney is raising the stakes in Michigan, predicting he can’t lose despite trouble in the polls and a surge in support for Rick Santorum.

Asked by Michigan Live on Wednesday whether he might lose the state, Romney said simply: “That won’t happen.”

.... “You have seen just how mercurial the sentiments of voters are until they get to know the candidate,” he told reporters, according to Michigan Live. “It’s always been a two-person race. First, it was me against Donald Trump, then it was me against Michele Bachmann, me against Newt Gingrich and now it’s me against Rick Santorum.”

It's surprising that Romney set the bar so high, considering how close things are and the continual effort to manage expectations.

Also, I know what he was getting at, but I'm not sure if calling voters' sentiments "mercurial" is such a great idea.