Friday, February 24, 2012

Rudy: I'm confused about endorsing

On CNN last night, Rudy Giuliani said he's having trouble deciding whom he should endorse in the presidential race.

“I’m in a state of confusion about who to endorse like a lot of other Republicans. I like some things. I don't like other things.

.... I like Rick's [Santorum's] approach to foreign policy. I like Rick's approach to the economy. We have big differences on social issues."

Here's the big problem for Rudy.

He can't stand Romney and has slammed him quite a bit for flip-flopping (see here and here as examples) this cycle. But the most viable alternative right now -- Rick Santorum -- is way to the right of Rudy on social issues.

I think there's conditional value to Rudy's endorsement. If he hitches his wagon to Mitt, it'd be seen as just another establishment nod, and Romney has more than enough of those.

But if he were to back Santorum, it would give Rick a shot of legitimacy with moderate-to-liberal Republicans.

Vid via Mediaite.