Friday, March 23, 2012

How Ron Paul attacks Romney

Here's the interesting thing about Ron Paul's new web ad, hitting Mitt Romney for his adviser's Etch-a-Sketch comments -- Paul so rarely attacks Romney.

But here's the far more interesting thing -- throughout this entire cycle, whenever Paul has attacked Mitt, it's only been in tandem with attacking others. That's in marked contrast to how he treats his other opponents: Paul often devotes entire ads to slamming Newt or Santorum.

In today's ad, for example, it first seems he's only hitting Romney, but then he lumps in Gingrich and Santorum for trumping up the trivial ("tired of the games?" the ad reads).

In February, he released this spot in Washington that, sure, attacked Romney but also Santorum for being a "counterfeit conservative" and Gingrich for being a "serial hypocrite."

Once again, he lumped all three together.

Then there was this spot, where Paul takes on Romney, but not without hammering Herman Cain and Rick Perry, too.

Contrast that with entire ads he's cut that have only focused on Newt or Santorum.

Here, he spends all his time on Santorum.

And here.

Then there was this ad attacking only Newt.

And this.

Paul also cut a spot that focused solely on Rick Perry when Perry was running.

By my count, Paul hasn't released a single ad, focused on Romney alone, which further buttresses the idea that he goes much easier on Mitt.