Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Megyn Kelly presses Romney on gaffes

Megyn Kelly cornering Mitt Romney this afternoon, in a very frank chat that clearly set Mitt on edge.

KELLY: You've been making some gaffes, governor. You've been talking about -- people ask about football, you talk about how you know the NFL owners, they ask about how NASCAR, you talk about how you know some racing owners.

You talk about Anne's two Cadillacs, and people say "He can't relate -- he's so rich, he can't relate to the rest of us."

Why do you keep doing that?

ROMNEY: Megyn, guess what: I made a lot of money. I've been very successful, I'm not going to apologize for that, I know the DNC tries to push this out, and they get it into the mainstream media networks, and that's where you guys see it, and everybody laughs about it.

.... in this country, we want someone who can help other people become successful. This is a nation which is not going to choose our president based on these little innuendos and personal attacks.