Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Newt makes drastic cuts to campaign

The AP's Kasie Hunt reports on downsizing in Newt Land.

Newt Gingrich is dramatically curtailing his campaign schedule, laying off about a third of his staff and dismissing his campaign manager as he focuses on a last-ditch effort to win the Republican presidential nomination at the party's convention.

.... In the meantime, Gingrich planned to shift the campaign's focus to digital outreach - in particular Twitter, YouTube and other social media.

Gingrich's campaign manager, Michael Krull, was asked to resign. Hammond and campaign communications director Joe DeSantis will remain with the campaign.

My favorite quote, though, comes from Newt's spokesman, R.C. Hammond, who insists his boss will take the race to the convention.

"We are not going to cede to Mitt Romney's strategy to take the party down."

Yes, in addition to the creative destruction of the marketplace during his Bain years, Romney also fancies the destruction of his own party in his spare time.

So how will Newt's shakeup affect the race?

Not much.

We're already seeing that, in many states, the race is effectively down to the head-to-head between Romney vs Santorum, and Mitt is still winning, despite year-old promises from the other candidates that a single, lone, nearly mythical, Anti-Romney would inevitably bring him down.

Newt's shakeup could have significantly affected the race in February, but as Haley Barbour said on Sunday, it would take a land mine to take out Romney right now, and I don't think that Newt's downsizing is quite a land mine.