Monday, March 5, 2012

Romney's caring gap

Interesting internal from the new WSJ/NBC poll (pdf) and something Mitt Romney's team needs to figure out how to fix.

Only 23% of all adults call him "good" or "very good" at caring for average people. 46% say he's "poor" or "very poor" at it for -23%.

Rick Santorum, on the other hand, has a much healthier 33%/33% split on the quality.

Meanwhile, among GOP voters, Santorum is at 63%/11% on caring for +52%. Romney is at 43%/23% for +20%. That's another huge lead for Santorum.

Romney's bad score among all voters might be excusable if he scored strongly on fixing the economy. But he doesn't. He's currently at 33%/32% on whether he'd be good at dealing with the economy.

Unfortunately, the poll didn't include Obama's numbers on the quality, but if there's a large gap between Santorum and Romney, there's probably a fairly sizable gap between the POTUS and Mitt.