Friday, April 13, 2012

Ailes jabs Newt: He wants a CNN contract!

The Herald-Sun reports on another fun moment from yesterday's speech at UNC by Fox News President, Roger Ailes.

In at-times irreverent responses, Ailes referred to CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien as “that girl that’s named after a prison” and threw a jab at Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich, asserting that the candidate has only criticized Fox News’ coverage because he’s “trying to get a job at CNN because he knows he isn’t going to get to come back to Fox News."

If you remember, Gingrich -- a munitions expert and former Fox News employee -- unloaded on his former employer at a meeting with Delaware tea party leaders this week.

“I think FOX has been for Romney all the way through,” Gingrich said during the private meeting -- to which RealClearPolitics was granted access -- at Wesley College. “In our experience, Callista and I both believe CNN is less biased than FOX this year. We are more likely to get neutral coverage out of CNN than we are of FOX, and we’re more likely to get distortion out of FOX. That’s just a fact.”

.... Gingrich did not pull his punches in accusing Rupert Murdoch -- the chairman and CEO of News Corp., FOX News’ parent company -- of pushing for Romney behind the scenes.

“I assume it’s because Murdoch at some point [who] said, ‘I want Romney,’ and so ‘fair and balanced’ became ‘Romney,’ ” Gingrich said. “And there’s no question that Fox had a lot to do with stopping my campaign because such a high percentage of our base watches FOX.”

Gabriel Sherman explains:

bad blood between Ailes and Gingrich goes back to when Newt negotiated Fox contract. He drove up price by playing Fox off competitors.