Monday, April 16, 2012

Ann Romney turns 63

Mitt Romney's campaign releases a happy birthday video for Ann Romney on occasion of her 63rd birthday.


"I'm happy in life, as long as I've got my soul-mate with me."

Btw, over at The Daily Beast, Mark McKinnon has a good reality check on just how influential perceptions of spouses are for the general election (answer: not too much).

Hillary Clinton’s favorables in 1992 were half those of Barbara Bush; her unfavorables, double. Not that surprising since she challenged expectations, seeking a more active policy role as first-lady-to-be. More polls were fielded and questions went beyond likability to acceptance of Hillary Clinton as co-president. And in the first half of 1996, her unfavorable ratings went above her favorables, a first in recent history, with polls focusing on the Whitewater scandal and her influence on President Bill Clinton’s decision making.

Regardless of her ratings, her husband won election and reelection.