Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fox News reports that Gingrich will endorse Romney next Tuesday

Fox News' Carl Cameron, on the phone with Fox News, and on-top of the latest developments in Newt Land.

"Mr. Gingrich plans to formally leave the race next Tuesday.

He will continue his schedule through North Carolina this week, give time for supporters around the country, friends and family will all go, presumably, to Atlanta or in Georgia somewhere, and next week on Tuesday, he will announce that he's either suspending or ending his campaign.

His aides have been spending a lot of time with him talking about it. Last night, there was a huddle with senior advisers, and Mr. Gingrich has made the determination that he cannot go forward."

As for what will happen on drop-out day...

"We're told that Newt will probably endorse Romney on the day he formally leaves the campaign."