Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gingrich: Delaware is my game-changer

Newt Gingrich, speaking in Wilmington, Delaware yesterday.

"If we do win Delaware, it will break up the media narrative."

I'm going to go all Thornton Wilder and "Our Town-y" on you now.

Delaware, it's 8 PM and the polls are closed. The men and women have just cast their ballots, and that's Father McMillan, there, turning the key and unlocking another night by locking another church door.

There are only 17 delegates available in Delaware -- less than Rhode Island, a little more than Guam.

Mr. Bumper's going to go to the national convention this year, try roundin' up a little more, but the people are used to 17 delegates. They wear it like broken-in clothing, yes sir. Broken-in with a slight wrinkle you can never get out. Oh hi, Mr. TJ Maxx.

There are 900,000 residents in Delaware. About half of them women; about half men. About 40 Republicans. Mr. Gingrich says those 40 Republicans will change everything, but Mr. Romney has six times the delegates he has, and Mr. Gingrich -- well, they say he lost his empire in Virginia, but Miss Callista seems to like him fine.

Yup, pretty normal evening here in Delaware.....Now we will make a main character die and screw up the entire play and make it so that everyone leaves here depressed.