Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Halperin: How the Buffett Rule could work for Obama

Mark Halperin on Morning Joe today, explaining why the Obama campaign's target of the "The Buffett Rule" could reap fat rewards (my emphasis added).

"It energizes the Democratic base. Two, it really puts pressure on Romney and forces him into mistakes, and that is the way Romney will lose the election if he makes a lot of mistakes.

And the third thing is they're trying to smoke him out on some of these tax-and-spending choices. The more they put pressure on him to talk about what he would cut, what kind of tax plan he wants, the more they can smoke him out, and the White House thinks, the president thinks the contrast between what the president's for and what Romney's for is going to be to his benefit.

That's not about class warfare, it's about a real smart tactical frame on Romney to put pressure on him rather than make the election about the Obama record."