Friday, April 20, 2012

McCain: Romney starts race from behind

On Fox News Thursday night, John McCain cautioned that Mitt Romney is trailing Barack Obama as the general election begins.

"I think it's going to be a very close election, and it's going to come down to five or six states, as you know, and a handful of votes, and the independent voter is going to be very vital.

Right now, let's have some straight talk, we're running behind, okay. I think it's about five or six points."

Sean Hannity then jumped in and noted that Romney's led in a few polls this week.

McCain maintained his ground.

"It's always better to run from behind.... so let's assume that we're behind, and that is we've got to hone our message, and we can do that, and I'm convinced that the speeches that Mitt Romney's been making lately are outlining, laying out that agenda for the future."

Sure, the polls are pretty much tied, but Obama has the powers of incumbency, a likely monetary and organizational advantage, and more paths to 270 than Romney, so in that case, you'd have to, indeed, give Obama the edge as things gear up.