Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quinnipiac: Obama woeful with independents

Some really bad numbers for Barack Obama with independents in this new Quinnipiac poll.

b. Obama's fav rating with indies is 37%/56% for -19%. For his part, Romney's rating is 35%/33% for +2%. That's a 21% gap.

c. Obama's approval rating with indies is 39%/56% for -17%. That's roughly the same as his fav rating. Traditionally, he's always had a much higher fav rating than job approval rating.

d. Indies disapprove of his job on the economy, 28%/67% for -39%.

e. Indies don't think Obama deserves reelection by 37%/58% for -21%.

f. Indies favor Romney, overall, by 7%.