Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peter King: Romney isn't exciting my constituents

U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-NY), after being this morning on MSNBC how excited his constituents are about Mitt Romney.

"So far, they're not.

I can tell you that there's a lot of dissatisfaction with President Obama, and people are still waiting on Governor Romney.

And that's why I'm saying if Mitt Romney can show that he can get the job done, he has a very good chance of winning, but no, there is not that excitement level. It's not like we've seen with a Bill Clinton or George Bush, for that matter."

One salient bit of info -- King was a strong backer of Rudy Giuliani in 2008 and pushed him to run for president again in 2012, and we all know that Rudy doesn't seem to like Romney, so it's not terribly surprising that King isn't too wowed by him.

Nevertheless, there is perception out there that Romney doesn't stir Republicans (although a Gallup poll yesterday showed that his supporters were slightly more enthusiastic than Obama's, but that might be more of a reflection on passion to vote out Obama; not passion to vote for Romney).

[Hat tip: David Drucker]