Monday, April 2, 2012

Rubio links childhood Mormonism to DREAM Act

I just listened to Juan Williams' uncut interview (here) with Marco Rubio, and found these fascinating comments after Williams asked Rubio about his brief spell as a Mormon when he was a child.


"I was eight years old, and obviously, when you're eight years old you do what your parents tell you to do, which is -- by the way -- one of the reasons behind the DREAM Act, right -- behind the concept of the DREAM Act. When you're eight years-old, you go where your parents take you.

Our parents took us from Miami to Las Vegas and back, and it's not something we hide from. Bottom line is it was an episode in our life from when I was very young, and it will be more fully discussed in the book."

Woah. Did not see the Mormon-DREAM Act comparison coming.

It's 15:48 in.