Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bill Nelson name-drops Rubio, Portman in speech

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson (D) gave a big speech to the Florida Council of 100 last night, and mentioned two potential Veep candidates in a positive light in what was an appeal for bipartisanship.

Nelson said of Rubio.

I’m proud our state has a rich tradition of senators working together, reaching across the political aisle, putting forward what’s best for all Floridians. My colleague Marco Rubio said recently: “We have a very good working relationship, which is in a long tradition of Florida senators. I think that’s important,” Marco said. “Our state expects that of us.”

I couldn’t say it better.

A little later, he talked up Rob Portman.

Sen. Portman and I have talked about a reasonable, common-sense approach to tax policy that gives hope for a fundamentally reformed and modernized tax system that can function in the hyper-competitive 21st century.

Reforming the corporate income tax would be a good place to start.

It'd be impulsive to read too much into that, but it might be a sign that he realizes it'll be tough to get reelected as an ideological partisan in this environment.

The Rubio comment is also understandable, considering they're from the same state, but the Portman name-drop was a little more curious.

He HAD to have known that the two of the three politicians he mentioned (the other was JFK) were potential VP picks, and it's also notable that the name "Barack Obama" never popped up once in his speech.