Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Herman Cain wants West for VP

Herman Cain tells National Review that Mitt Romney should eschew Rob Portman for VP and pick someone more tea party-friendly like Florida Rep. Allen West.

“[West] has a military background, he tells it like it is, and he’s not afraid to challenge the status quo,” he says.

.... Portman, he warns, would not energize tea-party conservatives. “If Romney picks a person who is going to deflate the base, rather than inspire the base, we’ll be in trouble,” Cain says. “Most people don’t really know Portman. You’ve got to pick someone exciting, someone with bold ideas.”

Which reminds me.

Last month, I checked out the Politifact scores for all potential VP candidates. At the top? Rob Portman. At the bottom? Allen West.

Politifact checked out the veracity of eleven of West's most controversial claims, and judged nine to be "mostly false" or worse.