Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mark McKinnon: Romney should tell Santorum to take a hike

Veteran strategist, Mark McKinnon, shakes his head at Rick Santorum's lukewarm kind-of endorsement of Mitt Romney in an 11 PM email last night.

McKinnon, on MSNBC, this morning.

"The notion that Santorum owns some constituency is, you know -- many other conservatives can speak at the convention that will rally the conservative base in a way that is probably greater than Rick Santorum could.

So there's no downside to just tell him to take a hike."

You know what blows me away? Santorum endorsed and cut commercials for Arlen Specter in a 2004 primary battle against Pat Toomey, but can't find it within himself to muster any enthusiasm for the GOP nominee for president against Barack Obama.

Of course, Santorum regretted his Specter endorsement, but the dynamics at work here are vastly different from those in 2004 and nearly every conservative out there has now endorsed Romney.

Rather than principle, this smells of sour grapes.