Monday, May 7, 2012

McDonnell still hugely popular in Virginia

Yes, VA Gov. Bob McDonnell's approval ratings have eroded a bit, but they're still very strong.

The popular spin right now, though, is that he's suffered an almost Luciferian plummet in approval ratings and is now scraping the bottom on approval ratings (admittedly, his decision to run ads touting his record helped perpetuate the negative story line).

But a new Washington Post poll shows his approval rating is still a strong 56%/35% for +21%. That's a slight drop from last year when he had a 62% approval rating.

Those numbers are similar to another recent Quinnipiac poll showing McDonnell with a +21% approval rating at 53%/32%.

Again, it was a drop, but that's still a bloody good number.

A Rasmussen poll from late April showed McDonnell with 58%/31% splits for +27%, and finally, a Roanoke College poll last month showed him with a 56%/30% number for +26%.

If you take an average of those four polls, you'll find McDonnell with a +23.5% approval rating.

Again, who knows, maybe he's trending down, but it's only a few miles from his original float in the stratosphere.