Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Romney: Republicans are "extraordinarily pro-woman"

Mitt Romney scoffed at Barack Obama's cartoon character, Julia, on Fox News last night and pushed back against the idea that Republicans have waged a "war on women."

"The effort to describe Republicans as being anything other than extraordinarily pro-woman, pro-opportunity for women of America, pro-moms, pro-working moms, pro-working women -- look, that kind of effort is totally missing the mark, and people understand that.

I think this little cartoon they have on the life of Julia really reveals the weakness of the president's policies.

I think to have to defend your record by coming up with a cartoon character as opposed to real people suggests that he doesn't want to talk about his record, at all."

"Julia", in case you hadn't heard, is a cartoon character that Barack Obama's reelection team dreamed up, and shows how the president's government programs and policies affect her at every stage of her life.