Monday, May 7, 2012

Three good things for Romney in swing state poll

USA Today as a new poll of swing states today, showing Barack Obama holding a small, 47%-45% lead over Mitt Romney.

That's a 7% improvement for Romney since March, but that's not the biggest story from this poll.

Here are the THREE BIG ITEMS:

1. 60% say Romney would do a good job on the economy. Only 52% say the same about Obama.

Even more importantly, 40% of Obama's supporters think Romney would do a good job on the economy. That's a high number and speaks to Mitt's perceived strength on the economy and the fact it's not just a partisan perception.

2. 54% say Obama is more liberal than they are, while roughly 33% of voters think Romney is more conservative than they are.

This damages the notion that Romney needs to have a "Sister Souljah moment" wherein he distances himself from his base on a big issue to prove his independence.

In reality, it looks like Obama is the one, if any, who might need the Souljah moment.

3. This is the biggest.

Uncommitted voters "tend to be Republican or Republican-leaning."

60% of them say Obama is too liberal, only 40% give him a good job approval rating, and by 2:1 they think Romney would do a better job on the economy.

That's the type of uncommitted voter Mitt dreams of, and it's probably the best sign of all for him in this poll.