Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Condi rules out VP

On CBS this morning, Charlie Rose told Condoleezza Rice that a few people were buzzing (okay, Rose called it a "groundswell") about her prospects for Veep after a well-received speech at Mitt Romney's weekend retreat in Utah.

Rice answered:

"I didn't run for student council president; I don't see myself in any way in elective office. I love policy, I'm not particularly fond of politics.

.... I'm saying there is no way I will do this, because it's really not me."

Rose then noted that left some wiggle room, but Rice swatted him down.

"That's 'it's not going to happen' and 'no'."

People who buzz about Condi for Veep either naively overlook or willingly ignore the fact she's pro-choice -- a disqualifying attribute for a Republican vice-presidential prospect.

The last thing Romney wants or needs is deep division in the GOP base, and a battle over abortion would tear the party apart at the very time it needs most to unite.

Also, a dirty secret is that neoconservatives don't even like Rice, which leaves her without a clear base, except for moderate Republicans, and Romney is doing just fine with them.

Simply put, Condi for Veep is a pipe dream more fantastical than Mario's in Super Mario Brothers Two.