Friday, June 29, 2012

Halperin: "Real possibility" tea party could now prove decisive

On MSNBC this morning, Mark Halperin called yesterday's Supreme Court ruling a "substantive win" for Barack Obama, but nevertheless, a political wildcard.

"I'm not sure it's a long-term political win for him. He lost the midterms largely over this.

If you look at Republicans who aren't focused on Roberts as much as they are on what the political implications are, and they say the tea party giant which had kind of been slumbering is now going to be awakened, and will be that decisive force in this election.

I'm not predicting that, but I think it's a real possibility."

He then explained why.

"The law is more unpopular than popular, Mitt Romney has not been a great grassroots fundraiser. In the last -- less than 24 hours -- he has been."

Earlier today, the campaign announced that it had raised over $4 million on the backs of over 42,000 donations since the ruling came down.

Obama is in a bind here. To make ObamaCare more popular, he has to try selling it again, but that would ensure an even broader national dialogue about what's still an unpopular law.