Monday, June 11, 2012

Pawlenty rising

Tim Pawlenty continues to scramble up the Veep ladder.

In April, the Intrade betting market put him at just 1.5%; now he's jumped to 8.5%, which is good for third place and considerably better than superstar names like Chris Christie and Paul Ryan.

And today he leaped to #2 on the National Journal Veep Power Rankings.

There's an embarrassment of riches for the GOP in the Dull, Midwestern, White Guy market (also known as safe, but again, also known as Dull Midwestern, and White).

That list usually includes T-Paw (#3 on Intrade), Rob Portman (#1 on Intrade), Mitch Daniels (#4 on Intrade), and John Thune (#7).