Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rove: Obama wants "Fast and Furious" to distract voters

Karl Rove, making the counterintuitive but sage case that Barack Obama welcomes the controversy over "Fast and Furious" as a means of distracting voters from the economy.

"I don't think he wants a do-over [on invoking Executive Privilege].

.... But I'll tell you: I think there's a heck of a lot of politics in this. I think the President of the United States would love to have this dominate the dialogue for a week or two or three.

We've got twenty-some odd weeks left until the November election. I think the president would like to chew up, you know, 5% of that, 10% of that, 15% of that, talking about something that is not connected with jobs, the economy, deficit, debt, spending, and The Affordable Care Act.

I think he thinks this is the best of a bunch of bad options and gives him the chance to avoid the kind of dialogue he doesn't want to have."