Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ohio GOP Chairman: Picking Portman will help Romney in Ohio

Bob Bennett, chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, talks up the idea of home state Senator Rob Portman for vice-president.

“[Senator Portman] is worth three to five points in Ohio.... Independents like Portman. And Democrats don’t get mad at him.”

So far, polls don't back up Bennett's claim.

A May Quinnipiac survey showed that Portman made no difference in Ohio when he was hypothetically added to the ticket, and a poll last month from left-leaning Public Policy Polling also showed no benefit for Romney in Ohio if he tapped Portman.

UPDATE: Ohio's Democratic Party chairman, Chris Redfern, tweets a reply to this post:

My colleague at the OhGOP must have gotten a hold of some wicked weed to believe that.