Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Romney's Ohio director: Portman, Romney have great chemistry

Scott Jennings, the Romney campaign's state director for Ohio, tells Deirdre Shesgreen:

On a bus tour across Ohio in June, "I saw two guys who were comfortable with each other (and) unified in their message," Jennings said.

"They feed off each other, and it created a really positive dynamic all day long on that bus trip."

And some more love (with Veepish overtones)...

"This is a guy who is extremely engaged and invested in making sure we win Ohio."

Meanwhile, former chair of the Ohio Republican party, Kevin DeWine explicitly discusses the prospect of a Romney-Portman ticket:

"It looked like it would work, candidly. That's what it looked like."

Earlier today, I wrote about the rather grandiose claim from the state's GOP chairman that Portman would add 3%-5% to Romney's total in Ohio.